IT’S HARD TO BE A GIRL. Have you ever felt like you’re going through this alone? Maybe you hate the face you see in the mirror; or, you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin; or, you don’t know what the point of your life is. Wouldn’t it be great if someone would talk to you, to assure you that you’re not alone? Wouldn’t it be great if someone who knows what you’re going through would tell you how it ends…and how it begins again?

That’s the point of From Ordinary Girls to Extraordinary Women. Jeni Molitor, and the group of successful women who write to you in this devotional, didn’t have it easy either. They suffered like you suffer, perhaps even worse, and they got through it by finding their identity and their hope in Jesus. But this isn’t a bunch of fake talk and buzz words. These women share their remarkable stories so that you can be encouraged in truth and reality. So that you can know and experience the purpose God has, just for you. Because in God’s eyes, there are no ordinary girls.