Just Wait

At times, I wonder if I wait too much. Am I letting life pass me by because I’m too much of something? Too scared. Too passive. Too indecisive.  I like to think that I wait because I’m waiting on God. For His leading, His guidance, His wisdom. To show me the next step. I begin to doubt things at times, because they take so long.  Who wouldn’t? When things take a while, I become antsy or I want to shut myself away and pray the time goes quicker than ever. And yet, life doesn’t always work that way. I can’t will my dreams and desires, nor my wants into existence. If I could, I’d be in a totally different boat. My guess is I would get myself into trouble. 

I’m not the only who has had to wait.  Countless times in the Bible, we learn about waiting.  Jacob and Rachel. Jacob waited an initial seven years to marry Rachel, and then waited another seven just to be with the woman he loved. Fourteen years….could you have waited that long for the love of your life? 

Abraham was promised a son, but waiting was part of the equation. And the waiting became tiresome, so, his life, Sarah’s, Hagar’s, and many generation’s lives were altered because he decided to take matters into his own hands instead of waiting on God. 

David, in the book of Psalms, says countless times to wait. Wait on the Lord. We’re to be strong and take heart. Lamentations says it’s good to wait. 

So if waiting is such a good thing, and God says we should wait…then why is it so difficult? Shouldn’t something that’s been done for thousands of years, that people have been instructed to do for thousands of years be easier? Shouldn’t someone have found a way to pass the time and make waiting fun? 

I bet people have tried. But my guess is that waiting isn’t supposed to be simple. It’s not always meant to be fun. Instead, it's meant to challenge us. It’s meant to help us grow. It’s meant to push us closer to the Lord. And I know I really don't want to wait without Him. I'd be lost without Him. So how could I imagine trying to live life, with all the waiting that has to take place, without His guidance, encouragement and wisdom. 

Waiting might always be a struggle for me. Maybe it will be a struggle for you, too. But, waiting is part of life.  And, God knows even before we do that we’ll deal with it. But I realize that in our struggle, in our waiting, if we turn to Him and we ask for help, we’ll find it. And when we do, the waiting won’t be so bad.  And think about it, if there was one person you had to wait with your entire life…who better to do it with but Him?

 “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”- Psalm 27:14