Seeking the Ordinary

Today was an entirely ordinary and uneventful day. I woke up, had breakfast, and spent my final, precious moments with my parents before I boarded my flight back to Nashville. Oh, well, there was that one pesky incident where the family cat attacked me, but that's for another time.

My first flight was easy enough. I got on. I prayed like I always do and held my breath as we took off into the big, blue yonder. I got off and located the gate for my next flight. One end to the other I walked. And then I walked from the same end to the starting end to get a sandwich. Well worth the walk.

I then proceeded to eat my chicken and cheddar sandwich sitting at my gate. By the time I finished, I got word my flight was going to be delayed by several hours. This was on top of my already three hour long layover. But I had a cookie so I didn't really mind. So I packed up my iPad and walked back to the other end of the terminal and waited, this time with no cookie. In between, I had made calls to my parents, connected with an old friend who just had a baby, put together the budget for our next season of Jeni, and grabbed a grande iced caramel coffee with cream. Productive, wouldn't you say? And then hour later they announced the gate had changed yet again. This time fully caffeinated I made my way back to the original gate and parked it there for the rest of my wait time.

They finally announced we were boarding so I got in the long line of businessmen, families, and slightly older, creepy men, and patiently waited to scan my ticket. When I got to the scanner they proceeded to tell me I was already on board. I don't know exactly what my face looked like at the time but I would have paid big money to see it. Cause clearly I wasn't on the plane so either I had a doppelgänger, someone was parading around as me, or the more logical answer was their computer system had a glitch. I still choose to believe it was one of the first two.

The staff cleared up the mix up and I found my way to my seat, all the way back in 22F. Nothing better than a window seat. 

As I settled in, I couldn't help but look at the plane's wing and start to laugh out loud. Like I was for real laughing out loud to myself on the plane. Not cause I'm crazy, though. I started thinking about Ace Ventura (a 90's movie with Jim Carrey) and he was on a plane and made a joke about something being on the wing of the plane. Anyway, I started laughing cause it's like super funny. Actually downright hilarious. That's when I realized how utterly ordinary and uneventful my day was. To some that last statement may seem strange, especially after the account of my day. But in my line of work, dealing with networks and planning shoots, traveling, on top of some personal things lately, the days can go from good to bad in 2.2 seconds and feel far from ordinary. Most of the time I feel as though I'm living on a chess board. Always moving from one spot to the next, thinking through my strategy, never sure what's coming next. Side note-I have no clue how to play chess, so that may make zero sense, but it felt right so I went with it.

It's fun and ridiculous in the best way possible 90% of the time. The other 10% downright weighs on me. I don't always feel like a normal person. But today I felt entirely normal and it felt really good. Nothing crazy happened. I wasn't needed to help with a crisis or required to get video files for a network or make any major decisions. Today I realized how often I miss little moments of ordinary. Simple pieces of life that we can often overlook.

As I sit writing this, I'm eating a bag of pretzels, listening to music...okay, full disclosure, the pretzels have been gone for a while. But the bag is still here, though, so there's that. I don't know why but I had to write all of this down. Even if just for myself. Because in spite of creepy old guys and five hour delays, my day was great. I realized I don't live in the moment enough. I felt like God was saying to cherish moments like this. The simple, uneventful times in our lives. God is still good. We are still loved. And life is still moving and the extraordinary is in reach even if it's just laughing at a movie quote looking out a window at 30,000 feet.